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Large concrete order for historic bridge project in Germany

 Göteborg, 17 October 2023

Thomas Concrete Group's German subsidiary, Thomas Beton GmbH, has been tasked with delivering concrete for the prestigious replacement building of the "Pfaffendorfer Brücke" in Koblenz, Germany. The project involves an extensive overhaul of the bridge, which is one of the city's major traffic arteries and a historic symbol of the Rhine.

Approximately 40,000 vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians pass over the old Rhine bridge daily, inaugurated in 1953. Now, as the bridge has deteriorated and can no longer handle the daily traffic load, Thomas Beton has been entrusted with supplying the concrete for the new bridge.

The total budget for the project amounts to 181.3 million euros and encompasses not only the construction of a new 311-meter-long bridge but also the renewal of retaining walls, adjacent roads, driveways, and the installation of an elevator system. In total, 17 different building structures will be updated to meet future demands for traffic and sustainability.

"We are proud to be a part of this significant project and look forward to contributing high-quality concrete to ensure the sustainability and safety of the 'Pfaffendorfer Brücke.' This project is an excellent example of our commitment to participating in projects that improve and streamline our communities," says Thorsten Brinkmann, Chief sales officer, Thomas Beton, Germany.

The project entails the delivery of various tailor-made concrete products, including the heaviest concrete with a raw density of over 4 tons. A unique aspect of the project is the concrete delivery to an existing historic building adjacent to the bridge. With the use of 700 cubic meters of FILLTRON (lightweight concrete), the stability and preservation of the building as a cultural landmark are ensured.

The project is expected to be completed by 2028, with Thomas Beton GmbH anticipating delivering a total of 32.500 cbm of concrete to the project.

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