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Thomas Concrete Group first in Sweden with 100 % electric wheel loaders

 Gothenburg, February 13 2024


Thomas Concrete Group is now pioneering the industry by introducing series-produced, fully electric wheel loaders in two of its subsidiaries in Sweden. The two new machines will be utilized at Thomas Betong's plant in Västerås and Thomas Cement's port, Stockholm Bulkhamn in Stora Vika. These heavy wheel loaders are expected to reduce both operational costs and the group's carbon footprint.

This strategic development initiative marks the company as the first concrete supplier in Sweden to adapt fully electric wheel loaders. The aim is to build expertise in electrification and further strengthen Thomas Concrete Group's sustainability efforts and industry innovation.

"In 2021 we were the first in Sweden to begin using series-produced 100 percent electric powered concrete trucks. Now we're taking the next step by introducing fully electric wheel loaders in our commitment to lead in sustainability, innovation, and industry development. This is another milestone, and we are proud to be the first concrete supplier in Sweden to take this step” says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

The two 21-ton electric wheel loaders, LiuGong 865E, operate entirely on electricity. Each equipped with a 423 kWh battery, they can run for 12 hours for lighter applications and nine hours for heavier ones. The wheel loaders feature fast-charging capability and are equipped with a CATL battery pack and control system, meeting the highest European standards. Additionally, it is expected that the electric wheel loaders will reduce operational costs compared to diesel-fueled machines of the same type. The wheel loaders are supplied by Rental Group and will be leased for a 12-month period for evaluation purposes.

"This is truly inspiring as it gives us the opportunity to build knowledge and learn more about how fossil-free heavy construction equipment operates in everyday scenarios, both in a bulk port and at a concrete plant. These lessons will benefit our other subsidiaries in Europe and notably in the USA. By utilizing electric wheel loaders, we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way towards a more sustainable construction sector", concludes Hans Karlander.


ThomasConcreteGroup Electric wheel loader

For further information, please contact:
Hans Karlander, CEO and President of Thomas Concrete Group AB
+46 10 450 50 00

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