Viktoria Westerberg, marketing and communication

My name is Viktoria Westerberg. I’m 25 years old and in will start my fifth and last year of the Economics and Management civil engineering program at Chalmers University of Technology this fall. This summer I have had the opportunity to work as marketing communications assistant at Thomas Concrete Group at their main office in Sweden.


I got the job by e-mailing their HR Manager and simply asking them if they had any open positions during the summer. They did, and I got myself an interview. The reason I chose to contact Thomas Concrete Group was mostly because I had seen name in a magazine an read about their newly launched common branding I thought they sounded like an interesting company on an interesting journey.


What stroke me the most during my first interview meeting with the company was the positive energy that I felt from every single person I meet at the office. There was a joyful atmosphere amongst the personnel and I immediately felt very welcomed. This feeling grew stronger my first days at work and have been shown to be nothing but genuine during the summer.


I have learnt so much during my time at Thomas Concrete Group and have gained knowledge within many new areas, especially IT and design. I feel like have developed personally and I have truly enjoyed my time here. My main tasks have been to update and implement new features and ideas on the company’s website. It’s been a challenging but highly rewarding work. Although the most rewarding experience has been to have the opportunity to work in a global company, and to see that even though concrete might be grey and seem rather boring, Thomas Concrete Group as a company it not! On the contrary this is a company that not only are aiming for a bright future but where everyone also takes care of each other.