Thomas Concrete Group
Growing in the US and Europe

The Swedish Thomas Concrete Group continues to grow in the United States, with the acquisition of three concrete plants in North and South Carolina complementing the Group's network along the Atlantic coast.
At the end of 2016, the Group also acquired three concrete plants in northern Poland.
Through strategic acquisitions in the US states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, Thomas Concrete Group has over the years achieved a strong position as a key supplier of ready-mixed concrete.
The concrete market is essentially local: proximity to customers and construction sites with short transportation distances is a key requirement for success. With a total of 67 concrete plants across three US states, the Group therefore enjoys an extensive local presence. This large number of production sites ensures economies of scale and greater efficiency.
"In our growth strategy, we are continuously evaluating opportunities for structural changes and potential acquisitions,” says Hans Karlander, President and CEO of the Thomas Concrete Group.
”The three new plants in the Myrtle Beach area complement our network. Our assessment is that the market in the US is continuing to grow and we are well positioned in an expanding region. The market in Poland is more challenging as the construction sector has slowed down. Following the Polish acquisition, we now have a better network with a total of 17 plants in Poland.”
The Group is showing strong growth. During the last two years, sales have increased by over 50 percent, from 3.2 billion SEK in 2014 to around 5 billion SEK last year. Following the acquisitions, the Group now comprises 144 concrete plants in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the USA. Thomas Concrete Group is the largest independent supplier of ready-mixed concrete in the markets where it operates. The Group also runs pre-cast operations in Sweden and owns a quarry in Norway.
 "We have brought together all our operations in Europe and the US under the single brand name, Thomas,” adds Karlander. “Our former, more loosely organized group is now operating in a much more integrated way, especially in the fields of technology and development where there is a greater exchange of knowledge between various expert and specialist functions. At the same time, we are strengthening the local concrete specialist focus in the markets we serve. Our goal is to be the best in the industry, offering exceptional levels of customer service combined with adequate profitability to ensure continued growth.”
For more information, contact:
Hans Karlander, President and CEO Thomas Concrete Group AB  |  Phone: +46 10 450 50 00