Tove Petterson, Trainee

The trainee program is over!


Five weeks ago, my Trainee program at Thomas Concrete Group ended and it was time for me to step into my new role as Business Development Analyst. It was not decided in advance what roles we trainees (me and Anna) would get after the Trainee program. This was decided during the year together with Hans Karlander, CEO at Thomas Concrete Group. It is really a great opportunity to be able to influence/design your own role.

A big thank you to....


Tomorrow, it is time for me to take the ferry back to Sweden. During my time in Kiel, I have been working with projects at the Transport Department, the Purchase Department, and the Sales Department. I have also had the chance to...



Now I have been at Thomas Beton in Kiel for a month, so it is really time for an update of the blog. The time here in Kiel flies away, as the days are fully booked with different activities. During my time here in Kiel, i will work with four very interesting projects...

Branding of plants


In the recent months, me and Anna have visited our plants in Sweden. The purpose with the visits have been to continue to strengthen our new brand, which means that we will ensure that the new brand can be seen at all of our plants and offices.  We brought frames, posters and different company material to the plants. And, of course, some "fika".

The third trainee period has now started!


During the past three months, I have been stationed in Ringön, where I have been working at our Pump Division. There, I have mainly been working with the development of metrics and monitoring. During my time at the Pump Divisiont, I also had the opportunity to accompany one of our drivers during a work day. You can read more about my experience of concrete pumping at the construction site in my previous post "Pumping and sampling".

Pump Seminar in Stockholm


Last week, the yearly Pump Seminar took place in Stockholm. The seminar highlights current qustions in Concrete logistics/Concrete pumping, where people from different companies, with different knowledge and experience, are holding lectures.

For example, Malin Löfsjögård, from "Svensk Betong", talked about the organisation and what they do to help their member companies. Magnus Mårtensson, Transport Manager at Thomas Betong...

Pumping and site testing


Yesterday, I joined our pump driver Jonas Carlsson out to the construction of The Marieholm Tunnel. We arrived at the construction site just before 6:30 to set up, and prepare, the pump for the first delivery of concrete at 07.00.

The pump used was an M36 and... 

Concrete course


Last week, I attended at a course in concrete. The course was held by Oskar Espring, Project leader at C-lab.

During the course, we went through the concrete as a building material, concrete component material, aggregates, binders, cement, alternative binders, fibers, additives, strength etc.


My second trainee period has now started!


My first trainee period is now over and the second period has started! To have had the opportunity to work with Marketing, and to have had Kasia as my tutor, has been incredible eductaional.

In conjunction with the start of the second period, I have also changed my work station


The Concrete Gala 2016


I had the honor to participate at this year's Concrete Gala, which accurred at November 10th at Berns in Stockholm. Our main focus was on presenting Thomas Environmental Frame...