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Operation Improvement Projects in the US


Again, it is really time for a new update. This time an update from a hot and mostly sunny Atlanta! The final week of my internship here in the US is coming close. Time has passed fast. So far, it has been busy, and I have got many new experiences. Both in the two development projects that I run on work, and besides work on my time off.

Sales and Design at Business Unit Precast – The Steps Before Production


It is time to give a short update on my latest trainee period and what I have been doing during the last weeks. This period has been a bit different from previous ones as I have got an insight into two different departments at the business unit precast at the same time. I have both worked with the sales team at the sales department in the daily work and with the team at the design department, further, running a development project at the department.

The Sustainability Report 2022 – Insight into Our Sustainability Work and a Wider Network


A recurrent trainee project over the last years has been to work with the Sustainability report. This year I had the opportunity to run the project for developing the Sustainability report for 2022 together with Karin, Sustainability Manager TCG. It has been a fun, exciting, and fruitful project, especially since I think sustainability is an important and interesting area.

Power BI – More than Reports


My weeks at our financial department at the Group have passed. It has been weeks full of new learnings where I mainly have focused on Power BI and been working with projects related to different departments of our organization. Those five weeks have really flown by, but times run fast having fun, right?

Precast – From Enquiry to Finalized Product


Time is running and it is really time for a new post here at the blog. A lot has happened since last time! The focus has been on precast, and I have been working both in production at our plants in Heby and the sales department in Gothenburg.

 Focus on Sustainability – Products, EPD, and report


Hi again! I will start the new year by describing what I did during the last weeks of 2022. Briefly, I have been working with sustainability in different ways. Since I am interested in sustainability it was both fruitful and fun to get a better and deeper insight into this.

The first insight into Prefab


As you know, I try many different activities and get to know our different business units more in detail during this year as trainee. After the weeks at the business unit Ready Mixed Concrete, it was time to get to know the other business unit within operations in Sweden – Prefab. This adventure started with little more than a week in our plant Lane-Ryr, located about an hour from Gothenburg.

The World of Ready Mixed Concrete


I´ve collected new pieces to my puzzle of experiences and insights that I am laying during this year as trainee. I´ve gained these new pieces during some weeks in our business area Ready Mixed Concrete earlier this autumn. It is a business area with many different functions, and I have had the opportunity to spend time at most of them, and thereby come to understand how they all are important for our offer.

A fun period at marketing communication with a lot of interesting projects


A few weeks ago, I ended the first period of the year as a trainee with I spent on marketing communication together with Kasia, our marketing communication manager at Thomas Concrete Group (TCG).

The year as Trainee has started and it feels just great!


Hi and welcome to my blog, I am happy you found your way here! :) In this blog, you can follow me and what I am doing during the upcoming year as trainee.

About three weeks ago I stepped into the office for the first time as trainee at Thomas Concrete Group (TCG) with high expectations – and these expectations have been fulfilled.