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Thomas Concrete Group opens new terminal for binding material in Uddevalla


An investment worth SEK 30 million has now been finalized and Thomas Cement, a subsidiary of Thomas Concrete Group, is opening its new terminal for import of binding material in the Port of Uddevalla. The terminal has a capacity of 7,000 tons.

Thomas Concrete Group opens new plant for pre-casted concrete north of Stockholm


Thomas Concrete Group's brand-new plant in Heby, north of Stockholm, Sweden, opened last week.  In two working shifts it can produce pre-cast, reinforced double-walls and slabs in volumes sufficient to build approximately 4,000 new apartments per year in the Stockholm area, where there is a severe housing shortage. "The new Heby plant will enable us to meet the needs of the market and help solve housing shortages," says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group. 

Thomas Concrete Group Growing in the US and Europe


The Swedish Thomas Concrete Group continues to grow in the United States, with the acquisition of three concrete plants in North and South Carolina complementing the Group's network along the Atlantic coast.
At the end of 2016, the Group also acquired three concrete plants in northern Poland.


Thomas Concrete Group support World Childhood Foundation